Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard
To be certain that the best possible
encryption is available in every situation, Symantec™ Secure Site Pro Wildcard SSL certificates should be used on medium-sized and large eCommerce sites. Symantec™ Secure Site Pro Wildcard certificates support genuine 128- to 256-bit encryption. Operators can also integrate Norton™ Secured Seal, which is viewed worldwide over 150 million times per day and is recognized by over 91% of all online shoppers.
Features & Attributes
Browser and Device Compability
Price Overview
Validity Period:1 year 2 years
Price for Period of Validity:$3,794.90 $6,641.08
Price Per Year:$3,794.90 $3,320.54
Savings in Period of Validity: $948.72